NAN Product Stewardship

NAN Australia is committed to recycling cable products at the end of their useful life.

By arrangement, any NAN product can be returned to the nearest NAN branch where recycling will be organised through our existing agreements with scrap recyclers.
Cable manufactured by other manufacturers will also be accepted, as long as the materials used in manufacturing the cable are compatible with the NAN manufactured products.
Unfortunately we are unable to accept products that are contaminated with unidentifiable materials due to the risk that these materials are hazardous.
We also cannot accept any product where there is suspicion it has been obtained illegally.

In line with our Take Back Procedure, any costs involved in storage and transport once cable is delivered to our warehouses, will be borne by NAN Australia.
Any net value recaptured as part of the recycling process can be returned to the end user through negotiation with NAN Australia.

For further information, refer to our Take Back Procedure Attached.

NAN Take Back Policy